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Car and Taxi Travel

Auckland traffic is unpredictable due to a road network groaning under the pressure of a rapidly growing population. An incident on any part of the road network lead to gridlock across the whole city. Local rush hours last from 6 to 9:30 am and 3.30 to 6:30 pm, but if it’s wet add an hour at least. Massive road upgrades are under way across the motorway system, so traffic can be disrupted at any time. The main motorways all have convenient city turnoffs, but watch the signs carefully. The main road into and out of Auckland is State Highway 1. Off-ramps are clearly marked. Most areas have meter parking, and you can pay by coin or credit card. Fines are hefty if you overstay your time.

Auckland taxi rates vary with the company. Most are around NZ$2 per km (½ mile), but some charge as much as NZ$4. Flag-fall, when the meters start, is usually NZ$2. The rates are listed on the driver's door. Most taxis accept major credit cards.

Alert Taxis. This efficient taxi company has clean cars. 918b Great South Rd., Auckland, Auckland, Auckland 1061. 09/309–2000;

Auckland Cooperative Taxi Service. This is Auckland's largest fleet of well-maintained cars. 10 Macaulay St., Auckland, Auckland, Auckland 1021. 09/300–3000;

Corporate Cabs. This upmarket cab company has branches in New Zealand's major tourist cities. 161 Manukau Rd., Auckland, Auckland, Auckland 1023. 09/377–0773;

Eastern Taxis. Affiliated with Alert Taxis, this small company services East and South Auckland. 918B Great South Rd., Auckland, Auckland. 09/534–4644;


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