City of David & Hezekiah's Tunnel


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City of David & Hezekiah's Tunnel

At the City of David, you can explore the remains of the oldest part of Jerusalem and walk through the meanders of a subterranean stream. The archaeological site spans two levels: an aboveground area and underground excavations. It is much older than Jerusalem's Old City, with the ancient Canaanites building it near the waters of the Gihon Spring before 2,000 BCE. The biblical King David later conquered it and made it the capital of his domain. Located in the underground part of the site, Hezekiah's Tunnel was used to channel water from the spring. The half-hour walk inside will take you past many archaeological remains, including a millennia-old pool that was said to have healing powers. If you plan to walk through the water, be sure to bring your swimsuit and suitable shoes.

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With spiritual milestones and millennia-old landmarks around every corner, Jerusalem is a labyrinth of things to do for sightseeing enthusiasts — exciting, but easily overwhelming. Below is a selection museums, places of worship, archaeological sites, and excursion ideas.