Tmol Shilshom


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Tmol Shilshom

The half old-fashioned, half hippie decor give this central coffee shop a cosy, intimate vibe, and make it the perfect relaxing spot after hours of sightseeing. They serve breakfast, lunch and snacks, and are also well-loved among locals. Food is tasty - try their shakshuka, a delicious poached egg dish.


Coffee culture in Jerusalem is well established: European expats have imported the cosy, relaxed Viennese-style coffee houses, and you'll find plenty of atmospheric places to take a break, have a chat, and possibly mingle with locals. Along with espressos and iced coffees, cafes often serve Turkish coffee: it is prepared by pouring boiling water over fine-ground coffee beans, and often flavoured with cardamom. Tea is another favourite that comes in a variety of flavours and brews. Other typical drinks are lemonana, made from fresh lemons and mint, and sahlab, prepared with cornstarch, topped with cinnamon or pistachio, and commonly drunk in winter. Make sure to try some typical pastries as well: kugel pudding, Ashkenazi babka (a sweet yeast pie), and bourekas (filled pastries from Eastern Europe).