Yellow Submarine


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Yellow Submarine

This concert venue boasts a rich offer of live music in different genres, and has been a favourite in Jerusalem for almost 30 years. Head to their performance stage and bar to discover Israeli and international artists — the complete list of events is available on their website.

Bars & Nightlife

Jerusalem's nightlife may not be as big and loud as Tel Aviv's, but there are still plenty of hidden gems to discover. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed, with lively student bars featuring pop and alternative music, as well as traditional European-style pubs and bars. Social hotspots can be found on Ben Yehuda Street, King David Street, Mahane Yehuda Market, and at First Station. Nightlife starts late, with people usually gathering after midnight. Jerusalem's music scene is brilliant and renowned, with performances ranging from street musicians to concerts in prestigious venues. For cinema enthusiasts, there are also good options available. The Israel Museum and the Bible Lands Museum often organize cultural events, and the Jerusalem Season of Culture held every summer features a wide range of proposals. A monthly calendar of events is available at the Tourist Information Office.